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"I couldn't find easy and simple way to achieve my goals, but Success Story Company is changing meaning of web, making things simple and easy to access!"

-Robin Briars, UK

"I have finally found what I was looking for! Great site that is easy to follow.. Highly Recommended!"

- Michael Williams, UpLink Enterprises

"Thank you so much! I've said it before - It's no wonder you were voted #1 by West Source Co. You have so earned it! I am extremely grateful for your support. Much good luck to SSC!"

-David Stones, AP Products Online Store

About SSC:

"We define our selves as help link between you and your future potential. Nobody has ever said that you can't be successful! Study the articles and motivation stories that we are publishing to show you solutions!"

John Rose, Director


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(July, 2008)

Find out how YOU can be successful.

Motivating and life changing Success Stories!

Do you ever wonder why people that are positive and optimistic always seem to be so lucky in life?

It is not luck, they are just naturally using a basic principle in life! You Get What You Focus On


Best web based email marketing software by Mailigen.

In the conditions when marketing budgets have been dramatically reduced, but you still want to keep your business stability, and, of course, increase turnover, it is important to consider all possible kinds of advertisement and choose the right one for your business. The aim is maximum return – so every cent that you invest would come back. Considering this important aspect, one of the most gainful advertisement campaigns in the century of digital technologies, is direct e-mail marketing or Mailigen.

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Two 25 Year-Old Internet Millionaires making $1000’s per Day!

"We started with less than $5/day to spend on advertising and within 5 months we were grossing over $30,000/mth and spending only $400/day in advertising. After 5 months we were profiting $18,000/mth."

These two guys are co-founders of the Wealthy Affiliate Program, the best education on Internet Marketing available on the Internet today. They have all the tools, resources, and support channels that you need to become a success online. Young and ambitious, the have built coaching system for you beginner, intermediate, or an advanced marketer. Information provided on has case studies, tutorials, guides, keyword lists, a full research center, turnkey websites, and one of the most powerful Internet Marketing Forums online.

Any website that tells you that you will be "RICH OVERNIGHT" is 100% garbage. Wealthy Affiliate is also not a scam, nor is it unsupported software that you need to download. It is an interactive marketing community that you can use to help you become an INTERNET MARKETING POWERHOUSE!

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The Secret Job That Allowed Me To "Retire" Early

"I've been making a living from my home successfully - mostly on the Internet - for a few years now. Sometimes I tell people I'm "retired", but that's not really accurate. I still work, I just do it on my own terms, and without a boss. I "retired" from the world of "regular" jobs!

No boss. No alarm clock. No stupid co-workers that drive me nuts.

I don't have a "job" in the traditional sense and my husband and I never worry about money.

I get paid to give my opinion."

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