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September, 2006:
New design and layout finished and uploaded for SSC bright future. Call it my little experiment.


"I couldn't find easy and simple way to achieve my goals, but Success Story Company is changing meaning of web, making things simple and easy to access!"

-Robin Briars, UK

"Success Story Company helped me focus on my goals and stay with it with their regular free newsletter"

-Mandy Craig, Pennsylvania

"I am very amazed with your innovative approach and new concept development in Success web niche"

-David Westfield, LA


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Version: 2.0
(July, 2007)

"Learn First Hand How to Make $1000’s per Day
From Two 25 Year-Old Internet Millionaires!"

It takes literally years for people to start and become successful on the internet. With having that bit of a help, of supporting hand it becomes much faster and productive process which leads to Online Success.

The two guys, the Two 25 Year-Old Internet Millionaires are co-founders of the Wealthy Affiliate Program, which is one of the kind educations on Internet Marketing available on the Internet today. They have all the tools, resources, and support channels that you need to become a success online. Young and ambitious, the have built coaching system for you beginner, intermediate, or an advanced marketer. Information provided on has case studies, tutorials, guides, keyword lists, a full research center, turnkey websites, and one of the most powerful Internet Marketing Forums online.

What is Affiliate 2.0

“Wealthy Affiliate is not a "miracle technique" where we tell you that you will be making a million dollars in your first month as an Internet Marketer. Realistically, you may not profit any money within the first month. However, Internet marketing is the only business you can start with under $100 and make over $10,000/mth within the first year. How do we know this? Because we started with less than $5/day to spend on advertising and within 5 months we were grossing over $30,000/mth and spending only $400/day in advertising. After 5 months we were profiting $18,000/mth.”

Any website that tells you that you will be "RICH OVERNIGHT" is 100% garbage. Wealthy Affiliate is also not a scam, nor is it unsupported software that you need to download. It is an interactive marketing community that you can use to help you become an INTERNET MARKETING POWERHOUSE!

Don’t you love to have ALL NECESSARY information as close and easy accessible as possible?

All you need is in Wealthy Affiliate and best of few tools provided:

A step-by-step guide to Internet Marketing.
One-one-One Support - Yes, we'll actually hold your hand until you get up and running.
NEW FREE Web Hosting – your own control panel, Email, and a lot more!
Research Center - replacing any keyword software
Forum - The best Internet marketing forum period
Creating killer websites that sell - including free Website Templates and Landing Pages to download immediately.
Super Affiliate System - We'll give you our top converting Keywords to promote WA
Resources & Courses - providing you with clear instructions on how to implement our techniques
Sample campaigns with extensive Keyword Lists and Affiliate Programs that you can set up right away.
Google Adwords & YSM Support - We'll personally help you with your campaigns
Effective techniques to research Keywords.
How to write ads that sell and make you money.
How to take out your competition - Clear explanations of how to pay less per click.
Analytics Tool - to determine exactly which keywords are making you money

This is short list of the all information available if you join Wealthy Affiliate, site is well constructed for the beginner and the advanced affiliate as the training offered will quickly make you an advanced affiliate or give you refreshing knowledge of up to date strategies. If you get stuck anywhere, just visit the forum, this place is full with fresh ideas, helping topics, even Kyle and Carson are hands on to help out whoever needs that supporting hand.

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